Spectacle Lenses

The single most important component in a successful and comfortable pair of specs is the lens. In Ronaghan Optician, we deal with All the major lens manufacturers. If the spectacle lens or option exists, we can get it, and always at highly competitive prices.

Lens Designs

Single Vision .
These are lenses designed to correct either distance vision problems or reading vision problems. All our optical frame prices include standard single vision lenses fitted to your prescription

These lenses are for people who need spectacle correction for both distance and reading. The lens has 2 distinct areas, a larger area for distance and a smaller area for reading. There is a subtle visible line dividing the 2 areas. The size of the area devoted to reading can be tailored to suit the needs of the person.

These are best described as “No Line” bifocals. They provide a more cosmetically pleasing solution than bifocals. The lens appears no different to a single vision lens but offer the wearer the convenience of 2 or more fields of correction. They are typically more expensive than bifocals.

At Ronaghan Optician we recommend FREE FORM Varifocals . These incorporate the latest Digital Custom Lathe Technology to minimise the distortions previously experienced with lesser varifocal lenses . They "Individualise" the lens design to the wearers prescription . For more information check out our page on FREEFORM varifocals (coming soon) . 

Lens Materials

Gone are the days when spectacle lenses were heavy, thick, unattractive and uncomfortable. Modern materials allow us to enhance the appearance of all prescriptions.

This is the most basic of lens materials. It is lightweight, versatile and available in a miriad of tints. However in moderate prescriptions, +/- 3.00 DS or more, it can appear somewhat thick.

1.6 MAR
Typically 25-30 percent thinner than CR39, it is best suited to myopic (short sight) prescriptions up to -5.00 DS

1.67 MAR
A thickness saving of up to 40 percent can be obtained using this material , cosmetically pleasing up to -7.00

1.74 MAR
Up to 50 percent thinner than CR39, this is currently the thinnest plastic material available.

Lens Enhancements

Additional processes can enhance the function and look of your spectacles even further

Photochromic Lenses
Lenses which react to sunlight lightening and darkening depending on UV levels.

Anti Reflection Coating
A coating which removes annoying reflections from the surface of lenses, enhancing night vision and cosmetic appearance.

One would need a diploma to know all the lens options available but don’t worry, our professional staff have the qualifications and knowledge to assist you in making an informed choice.

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