Contact lenses

So you are thinking on Contact lenses

Many People still think of contact lenses as a relatively new product.
In fact it was Leonardo Da Vinci who designed the first contact lens (although he didn’t make one , his mathematics are still used in lens design today)

Originally contact lenses were made of glass, they were cumbersome, uncomfortable and inherently dangerous.
Thankfully that has all changed. Nowadays they are simplicity itself.

They range from “use it and lose it” daily disposable to the newest kid on the block, extended wear. Weares range from sports stars to social animals, from scientists to students.
When properly fitted they can provide better vision than the best spectacles, but if used incorrectly they can pose a threat to the eye.
However, with our professional fitting and guidance, your experience will be one of pleasant surprise and satisfaction.

Lens Types

Daily Disposable

These are the most commonly requested lens type. They are, as their name suggests, lenses that are opened,fresh, on the day of use, used for up to the full day, and disposed of.
They are simplicity itself, no cleaning solutions needed and no cases for storage. Incredibly thin, they are unnoticeable in the eye. They are safe for sports use but as with all contact lenses they are not recommended for watersports.

Available to your prescription from as little as €1 per day

Monthly Disposable

These are designed to be used up to a full day, taken out at night and stored in a cleaning solution. After a month they are disposed of and replaced.

These are mainly aimed at the regular to full time user as they are often the most cost effective method of regular contact lens use

Available to your prescription from €40 per 3 months supply.

Extended Wear

These are the latest in contact lens technology , licenced to be used continuously for up to 1 month, you don’t take them out every night. They can be the ultimate in convenience, like having laser treatment but without the laser.
Imagine waking up in the morning and opening your eyes to perfect vision (imagine coming in after a night out and not having to mess about with cases and solutions).
Imagine no more.( Please be aware not everyone is suitable for continuous wear , your optician will discuss the options with you ) 

Available to your prescription from €55 per 3 months supply.

Coloured Lenses

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with blue, brown, green eyes. Coloured lenses can either enhance your own natural eye colour or give you that stunning dramatic change you have been looking for.

Available to your prescription from €25 per pair.

So if you are thinking of contact lenses

  • Give some thought to why you would like lenses
  • Think of how many days per week you will use them
  • Contact us to book your consultation
  • Plan the new you !!


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